Hilary Barry shares a stunning no-make up selfie, proving once again why we love her!

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Hilary Barry is a treasured New Zealand icon. We love how she is authentically herself in everything she does and that she doesn't let others tell her how to live her life.

Earlier today she shared a no-makeup selfie on her Facebook, captioning the post:

"Just a reminder of what I normally look like after the tv makeup comes off. Wrinkles, laugh lines, blemishes, disappearing eyebrows, freckles, and Murray the mole. Got no time for anti-aging products because I’m PRO-ageing baby!"


With more than 900 comments in 6 hours, it's clear that her message has resonated strongly.

One commenter said "Getting old is a gift not a given, let's embrace our wrinkles, grey hair etc" to which Hilary responded, "So well said Anna, yes yes yes!"

Earlier this year she hit back at critics who had scrutinised her for her shoulder-baring tops.

The majority of the episode of Seven Sharp saw her co-host Jeremy Wells wearing a suit and tie, however, in the final two minutes of the show he changed things up and appeared in a patterned off-the-shoulder top that he appeared to have plucked from Hilary's wardrobe.

We love you Hilary - you and Murray the mole!

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