If you have a weak stomach don't watch Dr Pimple Popper's latest video

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Thursday, 11 May 2017, 1:25PM


Watching Dr Pimple Popper's pus-filled videos has become a guilty pleasure for her 2.5 million followers.

And she's back again with another stomach-churning procedure.

This time, it wasn't an easy one as the California-based dermatologist struggles to remove the nasty, infected lump that had been growing under her patient's eyebrow for six months, according to the Daily Mail .

The patient was suffering from a common cyst, known as an epidermoid cyst, which is made up of wet skin cells, giving it a "cheesy" appearance. This is often accompanied by a pungent aroma.  

The doctor, also known as Sandra Lee, dusts off her scalpel and makes an incision into the skin, before cutting away the "sack" holding the pus inside the cyst. 

Within seconds, the gruesome material starts seeping out of the wound.

"Does he like to get it out without popping it or does he like it when it's popped?" she asks the man's friends.

"We prefer it when it comes out full, whole, because it's cleaner for us," she explains. 

"Now that I've had a little run of them that came out all whole, people are complaining, you have to squeeze it! Never are people satisfied."

But the cyst is so thick that the skincare expert is forced to "dig it out" in parts using her scissors and tweezers. 

After managing to get a chunk of it out, she numbs the area, and allows the patient a moment's rest when he complains it hurts.

It takes the doctor a good eight minutes to fully remove the mass, before she stitches him up.

"You don't want to keep this, no?" she jokes as she shows the man the revolting "smushy skin" she has removed.  

Uploaded on May 7, the video on the California-based dermatologist's YouTube page has already amassed more than 577,978 views.

This article was first published on Daily Mail and is republished here with permission.