If you haven't watched Harry Styles and James Corden make a music video together yet you're missing out

James Corden and Harry Styles joined forces (or possibly forced) to create his latest music video.

The former One Direction singer hit the streets of New York with The Late Late Show host to hunt out the perfect apartment location to record the video for Harry’s song Daylight, from his new album Harry’s Home.

The entire music video was shot in just three hours on a shoe-string budget of $300, a lot less money than what a normal music video would take to create.

That didn’t stop 'James Corden Productions' from including some impressive Special Effects which saw Corden don a green-screen suit for some of the scenes.

They also enlisted the occupant of the Brooklyn apartment - who luckily happened to be Harry Styles fans - to appear in the video and even get their friends involved.

Watch all the hilarious behind the scenes making of the video above and the full music video below: