Intense new 'The Crown' season 4 teaser shows more of Princess Diana on her wedding day

Fans of The Crown only have to wait one more months for the release of the show's highly anticipated fourth season.

And it the lead up, Netflix has unveiled a brand new intense-looking teaser trailer for the upcoming season - which is set to stream globally on November 15 starring Emma Corrin as Princess Diana.

"As the 1970s are drawing to a close, Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and her family find themselves preoccupied with safeguarding the line of succession by securing an appropriate bride for Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor), who is still unmarried at 30," Netflix reveals about what fans can expect from the fourth season. 

"While Charles’ romance with a young Lady Diana Spencer (Emma Corrin) provides a much-needed fairytale to unite the British people, as the transformation from teenager to Princess of Wales takes place, it is anything but a fairytale for Diana."

Season four will cover the era of Margaret Thatcher as British Prime Minister, along with Prince Charles and Princess Diana's tumultuous marriage.

This latest trailer also gives fans more glimpses at Princess Diana in her wedding gown on her wedding day.

The 24-year-old actress portraying the late royal – who died in a car crash in 1997 – previously noted that while she’s trying not to pay too much attention to public expectations, she wants to feel the princess would have been happy with her performance.

She said: "Everyone has this ownership. [Public expectation has been] overwhelming since the beginning."

Explaining she wants to do Diana proud, she added: "I know that’s strange and cheesy, but I feel like I know her."

Meanwhile, season four will be Olivia Colman's final outing as Queen Elizabeth before she is replaced by Imelda Staunton for season five.

Previously 46-year-old actress - who took over the role of the monarch from Claire Foy in series three of the regal drama - has admitted she fears that the queen may watch the show and think she's got her "completely wrong".

She said: "There is much more pressure when you're playing someone who is still living, and you have this fear that they're watching it and won't like it.

"You're thinking, 'Oh my God, what if Queen Elizabeth II watches the series and sees me? Perhaps she will think that my interpretation is completely wrong. She's going to change channels.'"

Season four of The Crown streams on Netflix from November 15.

- Bang! Showbiz, additional reporting by The Hits.