iPhone's have a creepy feature that sorts your photos into secret folders

Publish Date
Wednesday, 1 November 2017, 2:29PM

Technology never ceases to amaze us - but we can't decide if this feature is creepy or cool...

Thanks to a viral tweet, the world has just discovered our iPhone's are secretly keeping track of all our snaps and it is majorly freaking people out.

That's right, every time you take a picture your iPhone is actually sneakily categorising them into "hidden" folders.

So, how do you access these hidden folders?

Open up your 'Photos' app and look at the top right hand corner where you'll see a tiny little magnifying glass symbol. Is it only us that's never noticed that before?

Type in any key words (e.g. 'wedding', 'beach' or 'dog') and your iPhone will open up a folder of all the pictures relevant to that search.

So what's creeping everyone out?

Our phones are also keeping track of any "saucy snaps".

Type in 'brassiere' and there, in all their glory, are likely to be a few photos of cleavage.