It turns out limited-edition Hot Cross Bun cocktails are here just in time for Easter

Honestly, who doesnโ€™t love a warm Hot Cross Bun with a good helping of butter?

Well, thereโ€™s one Kiwi company that has taken the tasty Easter treat to the next level!

Introducing the Hot Cross Bunny Cocktail!

Black Pineapple Co. has created a scrumptious dessert cocktail that channels all the best parts of a hot cross bun into a limited-edition make-your-own gift box.

The cocktail includes dry gin, lemon oil, white cacao, and a special home-made Hot Cross Bun syrup โ€“ they even include a chocolate rabbit to add that extra Easter flare.

The box starts from $69 and "includes either 4, 8 or 12 fresh cocktails, chocolate bunny garnishes and how-to instructionsโ€, according to the Black Pineapple Co. website.

There are also two upgraded versions of the gift box, one including a cocktail shaker and strainer, while the $159 'pro set' features a 7 piece pro-quality cocktail set.


Weโ€™d definitely want to try out this concoction which is sure to be delicious.