It turns out there is now Caramilk Philadelphia cream cheese and it has us so excited

If you are a fan of Cadbury Caramilk chocolate, you may already be ecstatic at the news that the block of deliciousness if here to stay ...

But now we have some more great news for you!

It turns out Philadelphia have released a brand new cream cheese flavour ... Caramilk!

At first, we were a little confused ... but then we thought of all the ways we could use it and we're in love.

You could ... dip biscuits into it, ice cupcakes with it, or use it in a Caramilk cheesecake - the list is endless!

At the moment, the product is only in Australia ... so it seems that we'll be taking a trip to Aussie REAL QUICK.

Cadbury's Caramilk chocolate blocks are available permanently in stores across New Zealand, but we're still going to stock up!