It turns out this simple ice cube trick could help you sleep better and reduce headaches

It turns out getting rid of aches and pains could be much simpler than you think! In fact, all you need is an ice cube.

That's right, an ice cube!

Apparently, placing an ice cube on the nape of your neck - which is where your skull meets the top of your neck - can help rejuvenate your body and make you feel full of life.

The practice is called Feng Fu, or Chinese ice cube therapy, and it is thought to have various benefits including:

  • Help reduce headaches
  • Help reduce PMS pain
  • Help reduce joint pain 
  • Help reduce toothache
  • Help improve your sleep quality
  • Help manage stress and improve your mood

As a tip on how to properly target the Feng Fu pressure point, it’s suggested that you lie on your stomach, place the ice cube right at the point indicated and hold it there for 20 minutes.

For most effective results it is suggested that people try this regularly in the morning before breakfast and at night before bed with breaks of 2-3 days. Don’t be alarmed if after 30-40 seconds you feel some heat on the Feng Fu spot as that’s natural.

Of course, while Feng Fu is worth a shot, it's always best to visit your doctor if you are concerned about your health.