It turns out this super simple life hack will save your leftover avocado

If we're going to spend all our money on avocado toast, we better look after the avocados, right?

Ever bought an avo, used half and chucked it in the fridge, only for it to turn gross by the time you want to use the rest? Well this hack is about to change your life...

In the video posted to TikTok, @kmag1 explains the trick to keeping your extra avocado fresh for longer is super simple:

Just dunk it, seed side down, in water!

It’s seriously THAT easy.

Forget those avocado shaped plastic containers that claim to keep them fresh, because this is just as easy- and free!

This works, because the water stops the air getting to the avo, and therefore it can't go off!

We'll be trying this ASAP.