It turns out you can now buy a can filled with an entire Christmas dinner

Christmas is usually spent with family surrounding a dinner table stockpiled with food, eating and laughing our way into a food coma.

But for those who prefer to spend the day in solitude, "Christmas Tinner" will ensure that they still have a full course Christmas meal at the flip of a can...

Tech retailer GAME released a bizarre, yet affordable £2 ($4 NZD) Christmas dinner in a can in 2013 for hard-core video game players who spend their Christmas playing games online and don't want to leave their chairs.

This cylinder can of three-in-one Christmas dinner includes turkey, potatoes, broccoli, bread sauce, sprouts, stuffing, and mince pies.

This year, there's now a new release of the Christmas Tinner cans that include a vegan and vegetarian take on the more Christmas classic dishes with a whopping 12 layer plant-based dinner.

This includes a chocolate cake with custard to start the layer, then vegan gravy, mushroom wellington, pigs in aubergine blankets, tofu and stuffing, as well as your go-to winter vegetables including squash, carrots, sprouts and broccoli, red cabbage, and parsnips, vegan cheese, olives and grapes, and vegan bacon.

The vegetarian can is even wilder as it's packed with 12 layers of nut roast, cauliflower cheese, gingerbread pancakes, Toblerone, and potatoes, and there's also halloumi in there among the vegetables.

While it's not exactly a conventional option for dinner, the Christmas Tinners have already sold out online!

Each to their own?