Jacinda Ardern wants to help find owners of toy bunny left at Hamilton Airport

Do you know who Wink belongs to?

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has posted about a toy bunny forgotten at Hamilton Airport - and is calling on Kiwis to help track down its family.

Posting on Facebook and Instagram earlier today, Ardern wrote that she landed in Hamilton in the morning and staff allowed her to use their board room for meetings. It was as she was about to leave the airport that she was told about the forgotten toy bunny.

"As I was leaving they introduced me to this wee bunny. It was found at the airport on the 28th of January and they've been looking for its owner ever since," she wrote.

Ardern's post included a selfie of the Prime Minister with said bunny. Wink was following airport protocols and was wearing a face mask, which Ardern hopes doesn't stop his family from recognising him.

"I think everyone who has a little person in their lives will know how important these precious things can be, so maybe you can help us find whoever 'wink' belongs to? (NB I think "wink" has only acquired a name, safety jacket, mask and ID since living at the airport ... hopefully that won't stop it being recognised!)," the Prime Minister added.

The post received tens of thousands of likes on Instagram and hundreds of shares on Facebook within minutes of being posted, meaning there is a good chance Wink might get reunited with its family.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.