Japan wants you to visit so much they might cover half the cost of your next holiday

Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

Japan is calling!

While we may not be able to travel outside of New Zealand now, this could be a great plan for when that eventually changes...

That’s right, Japan is looking at paying half of your travel costs for your next visit, in hopes of boosting tourism after struggling during COVID-19.

Japan reports that travellers to the country have dropped 99.9 per cent from last year and they have a solution.

According to reports, the head of the Japan Tourism Agency announced this week that the government has created a plan to boost tourism by offering to subsidise around half of the travellers' expenses.

$12.5 billion is planned to be allocated towards the government's reimbursement program.

It is yet to be announced as to how the program will work, The Japan Times did say it may launch as soon as July!

Obviously New Zealand's borders are currently closed, but this could be an epic trip to look forward to!