Jono & Ben Week-End Episode 3

This week the news has been very tough to watch so Jono and Ben have searched long and hard for anyone wanting a quick distraction. 

They found Ryan Bridge at the AM show to be a proud anti-vacuum. That is, Ryan is anti-vacuum cleaners with terrible suction. 

While Ryan and the AM show were struggling to keep it together, a news reporter in the USA hardly got time to start until he was interrupted by his proud mother. It made Jono and Ben wish that their Mums could be as proud of them than this mother was.

Princess Kate Middleton was on a slippery slope and sliding around and US President got a standing ovation twice, by the same politician who badly mistimed his applause.

And finally, more clapping is in store for a man who broke a World Record by doing pull ups on a moving helicopter but how did it all end up?

That’s in this week’s news distraction with Jono and Ben’s Weak End.