Katy Perry says she doesn't want to choose between being a mother and music

Katy Perry says she doesn't want to choose between being a mother and doing what she loves.

The 35-year-old singer will give birth to her first child - whom she is expecting with her fiancé Orlando Bloom - any day now, but has said she won’t be taking too much time off of work once her daughter arrives.

"I don't want to ever choose between being a mom and doing what I love. That is so archaic," she said while speaking to Apple Music's Zane Lowe. "I think the f***ing reason why women get the responsibility of creating another life is 'cause they can f***ing do it all in a pair of heels bi***. So it's not about choosing! It's about balance... And that, in turn, is why I wrote What Makes a Woman, bi***!"

Katy will release her new album, Smile, later this month, and has said she’s keen to promote the record on tour as soon as possible, with her sights set on early 2021.

She told The Sunday Mirror newspaper: "I’d like to tell you I have a set in stone plan but, you know, I don’t because we have no idea how it’s going to fare over winter. I think things will get a little bit clearer in January/February.

"Yeah, just keep praying. My hope is to be back on some sort of stage by next year for sure."

Katy also spoke in-depth with Zane about her new album, mental health and how she feels about becoming a mother in 2020 and still being able to "do it all".

"I haven't said, 'Oh, 2020 is the worst year' because we're six, seven months into it, and also, I have a child on the way. So that's not a good spell to cast," she said. "Let's bookmark this, hopefully in 20 years, when I look back, I can say, 'Wow 2020! It was challenging, but out of that challenge came the most beautiful thing in my life, right?'"

Meanwhile, the Never Worn White singer recently said she used to worry she lacked maternal instinct until she was able to "re-programme" her thoughts on her own strict Christian upbringing.

She explained: "Five years ago, I would be like, 'Get this out of me.'

"But I traced back the reasons I felt insecure about it from my own upbringing. And then I reprogrammed them. Our brain is really malleable. You can reshape it any time you want.”

But Katy also admitted her upbringing has meant she "thrives" when her surroundings are chaotic.

She said: "I was kind of born into chaos. So I thrive in it."

The Daisies hitmaker is looking forward to bringing up her child "differently than the way I was raised" and will encourage her to follow creative ambitions, as well as giving her "choice and freedom of thought."

- The Hits, additional reporting by Bang! Showbiz