KitKat Chunky filled with Lotus Biscoff is now available in New Zealand and it's delicious

Calling all chocolate lovers, you’re going to want to see this!

KitKat Chunky and the iconic Lotus® Biscoff® spread have joined forces to create something truly delectable that Kiwis can now bite into.

You may have seen rumblings online, but now KitKat Chunky with Lotus Biscoff is finally arriving in Aotearoa. 

Combining the iconic crisp oven-baked wafer finger of KitKat Chunky with the beloved caramelised biscuit spread of Lotus Biscoff, this new snack will be sure to satisfy.

Nestlé New Zealand Head of Marketing Fern Castellanos said "We’ve seen an undeniable love for both KitKat and Lotus Biscoff and are so thrilled to unite these flavour sensations to create a new range for Kiwis."

"We want to excite KitKat fans with a tasty new texture experience that would leave them longing for their next break," Castellanos added.

Global Brand Director Biscoff Kathleen Buyst said "We are very excited to collaborate with KitKat to offer an exciting combination of Biscoff’s creamy spread, crunchy Biscoff crumbs, and KitKat’s classic milk chocolate and crispy wafers."

The new KitKat Chunky with Biscoff is now available to purchase in a 41.5g bar (RRP $1.89) at supermarkets and convenience retailers nationally.

BRB just going down to the shops to snap up as many of these as we can.