Kiwi mums reveal what they REALLY want for Mother's Day

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Photo / Getty

Forget slippers and steer clear of vacuum cleaners ... because Kiwi mums have revealed what they REALLY want this Mother’s Day.

It seems that while the old staples of chocolate and flowers always go down a treat there are some things that all offspring should be aware of when thinking up ways to celebrate their amazing mums.

Here are of most popular requests from New Zealand mothers:

To be completely pampered

"A massage voucher for a two hour pamper" - Jenni

"A day for myself ... having lovely body massage, hair treatment" – Jessica

"A full day off where I can get pampered. Maybe a good massage as I work 7 day's ... or just a day off and spend it with my beautiful family" - Leena

"A proper deep tissue body massage, a lovely haircut at a fantastic salon that doesn’t cost the world, also Chocolate and sleep" - Keri

A day off from housework

"Some maids to help me clean my gardens up and to clean my entire house spotless" – Chelsie

"A clean house, not having to make food for a day and children not fighting with each other!" – Debbie

"Day off cooking" – Madalyn

"Have all my housework done. And to go out for a family dinner" – Marina

"To have the house clean and tidy when I get home from work" – Rachel

A decent sleep-in and breakfast in bed

"I would be happy and grateful for breakfast in bed" – Penny

"Um probably a sleep-in" – Lisa-Dan

"Breakfast in bed and not having to cook dinner" – Mandy

"A day off! A sleep-in, breakfast in bed, no cooking, no housework just a day of relaxing" – Kelly

"Cuddles and coffee in bed, that's enough" – Vikki

For the little angels to actually BE little angels

"A day with no arguing kids" – Michelle

"For my kids to not argue" – Rere

"Just to have a great day with my beautiful family" - Linda

"For a tantrum-free day!" - Chantelle