Kiwis can now snuggle up with someone special at the movie theatres in a daybed

Photo / Event

Photo / Event

A date at the movies takes on new possibilities with the introduction of daybeds in New Zealand theatres.

Event Cinemas is the first in the country to bring daybed seats to their theatres, advertised as offering "the ultimate movie-watching experience".

"Snuggle up and enjoy the movie like never before — in your very own daybed."

The low-lying seats have been installed at Event Westgate and Tauranga and feature removable centre armrests and back cushions.

But any amorous activity may not go unnoticed as they're positioned right at the front of the cinemas.

The feedback has been mainly positive, with several people commenting on social media that they were missing out as the daybeds tended to be booked out while others tagged their partners suggesting a date night.

Photo / Event

But the cosy experience doesn't come cheap.

Tauranga Crossing offers standard rates of a single daybed at $25 and a double at $50, while in their IMAX theatres, that goes up to $56. At Westgate, the double costs $44, compared to a normal price of a single adult seat at $15.

Event Cinemas was unavailable to comment but Motion Picture Distributors Association of NZ chairperson Neil Lambert said cinemas needed to innovate.

"It's a great move. Events is the only one in New Zealand doing it, they're offering consumers a different experience, which is what they're looking for.

"Placing them at the front of the cinema, people can look up at the screen comfortably. They sell out quite quickly. I found it a very comfortable experience.

"It's a unique way of viewing a film. I think it's great."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.