Kmart has just brought back these popular '90s bath goodies - and we are overjoyed!

Publish Date
Friday, 30 November 2018, 1:38PM

Before we were willing to spend $20 on a Lush Bath Bomb, bath pearls were the ultimate luxury.

If you need a refresher, bath pearls were those squishy little balls full of bath oil and came in all different colours, scents and shapes.

Any '90s kids will remember having a whole seashell full of them.

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Well, it's no secret we're kind of obsessed with nostalgia ... and we're also obsessed with Kmart.

So this news is particularly exciting.

Kmart now stocks those little pearls of luxury!

For just $4, you can get a pack of 15 OXX Just Mermaiding Bathing Pearls made with coconut oil.

Unfortunately, they can only be bought in-store - even though they are visible online.

Happy bathing nostalgia babies.