Kmart puts out warning after dangerous $2 baking hack goes viral

Kmart in Australia has issued a warning to shoppers after a "dangerous" baking hack went viral.

Last year, fans of the cult favourite shop were thrilled when one Australian mother shared her baking hack.

The baking hack uses Kmart's giant ice cube trays to bake the perfect bite-sized cake from brownies to banana bread.

Instantly the hack went viral and was praised by many mothers living in Australia.

"This is genius," said one lover of the hack.

"You have changed my life," said another.

However, Kmart wasn't as thrilled.

Concerns over the hack were raised over whether the trays were suitable for baking, with some saying it could be "dangerous".

Some members of the public also expressed their concerns online.

"It's not that they're not food-grade silicone, it's that they haven't been tested with heat.

"They aren't the right thickness to use in the oven.

"They're fine for freezing, but not baking."

Kmart responded to the viral hack saying it should not be used for baking.

"We do not recommend the Giant Ice Cube Tray for use in the oven as it has not been heat tested for this use," an Australian Kmart representative wrote in a letter to a shopper.

When products made out of silicone are used for baking, experts say the product can cause a foul odour.

The Giant Ice Cube Trays are sold here in Kmart's across the country for $2 each.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.