MKR's Pete Evans reveals we've been pooping wrong this whole time!

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Monday, 4 September 2017, 1:16PM
Photo / Facebook

Photo / Facebook

"Paleo" Pete Evans is at it again with yet another controversial health claim. This time it's not about what you're eating as much as it's about how you're getting rid of it.

That's right, Pete wants to talk about pooping. And talk he has: The celebrity chef has made headlines for a social media post promoting a squatting stool as an alternative to, you know, sitting down on a standard toilet seat with your feet firmly on the floor.

The paleo advocate claims he and his uber-healthy family have been using the "Knees Up" stool at home and they're all reaping the health benefits.

"Stoked to see these Aussie designed squatting stools for the toilet in the market for just $49. We have been using these at home for the last few years and love it."

Pete claims our toilet trouble starts back childhood.

"Ever since we were kids we've been trained to sit firmly on the seat, this action alone completely prevents our body's natural flow."

So what's so great about squatting? According to Pete, using the squatting method will leave you with better stools.

"Yep, it's a fact. Squatting creates cool stools," the Master Chef judge said in the post.

"You see, sitting causes an awkward angle to occur in our anal canal. And there's a key muscle - the technical term being the puborectalis - that basically gets all choked up, making it harder to eliminate the waste from our bodies."

According to the celebrity chef - who has previously come under fire for speaking out against using sunscreen and denouncing eating three meals a day - when you "pop a squat" you're body is positioned at the correct angle to expel waste more efficiently. Thus reducing the risk of haemorrhoids. And, as Pete says, "Ain't nobody got time for haemorrhoids."

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