Moses Mackay gives his final rose to Annie in the finale of 'The Bachelor NZ'!

The bachelor was down to the final two women, and all bets were off as Moses Mackay handed out his last rose of the season. Who did he choose?

The final episode of The Bachelor this season leapt straight into the fantasy dates. Moses surprised Annie with a trip to the ballet and she was stoked but it was Moses saying they had 15 minutes on stage by themselves that caused butterflies. Annie instantly began twirling and frolicking around the stage with grace while Moses stood grinning ear to ear, and told her "you belong on the stage". They kissed and the whole thing felt like a movie.

Later, Moses offered the prospect of spending the night together and specifically told Annie, "Nothing is going to happen."

What is it with these two and acting out movie scenes?  Photo / TVNZ

Annie shakily replied, "I think I feel weird about it." And expanded on her answer to the confession cam: "Even if one of us slept on the couch, how would I feel if Shenae spent the night in a hotel room with him? Probably not that great."

As Moses left the room and Annie let her tears freely fall, it was obvious, the emotions were real.

With every low, there comes a high and that high was Moses and Shenae's final date. Moses took her on a boat to go fishing at Omaha Bay and because consistency is key, there was a third wheel.

They went home and romantically gutted the fish Moses caught … Boujee date, right? Then Moses serenaded Shenae with the poem she wrote for the talent show. If you're wondering how Moses secured a copy, well, Shenae wore his clothes for her performance and conveniently Moses wore those same clothes on the date and found the poem his pocket.

"You feel very different today." A curious Moses stated. "I guess I just feel at ease with where I'm at with you." Shenae replied. The two went for a romantic dip in the pool and Moses asked if she would like him to stay.

"I was talking to Art about this and he said it's not about intimacy, it's purely a chance to talk so I think I would like to hang out tonight."

The cameras shifted away during an intimate moment. Photo / TVNZ

Art greeted Moses at The McCallum Residence for the final rose ceremony and Moses expressed he still wasn't sure who he would be picking.

He made it clear his heart was being pulled in multiple directions, "I guess it's easy to imagine a life with Shenae, it's clear as crystal. I don't feel that way with Annie, it's black and white and possibly orange and I don't say that in a comparison, I say that in there is an unknown with Annie."

As Shenae approached the final ceremony, she stayed a strong woman, "I'm trying to keep the mindset whatever happens, happens and whatever's meant to be will be."

While Annie stayed optimistic, "I came on this show to find my person and I can 100 per cent see Moses being my person." Followed by the best line of all, "I'm ready to see how this rom-com ends."

Oh, aren't we all?

In the house, Moses picked a ring which (thankfully) told us that he would not be going home alone as he had earlier hinted. Phew.

While outside, talking to Art, it felt as though Shenae had put her walls up whereas Annie was more confident in their connection.

Shenae walked around the corner first and I become a ball of tears.

"I've finally come to a decision and *very dramatic pause* I just wanted to let you know that it's not you." Moses said as he broke Shenae's heart.

"My heart does hurt a little bit." Yeah, well, so does everyone's watching at home, Moses. Photo / Supplied

"This was my biggest fear was like being heartbroken. I don't regret any of this for sure, I just think someone came along who was better suited for him in his eyes and that's fine."

Our queen of strength continues to amaze me.

Annie approached Moses, "I knew you were going to be someone special and when I saw you dance, the glow around you, I thought to myself this is one of the reasons why I'm here."

Annie interrupted, "You helped me, you brought that out of me, I haven't danced like that in a really long time."

"The last rose, I wanted to give it to you. Do you accept it?" Moses held out the rose and a tearful, Annie, said yes.

These two can't help but give us movie magic. Photo / TVNZ

"Don't worry I'm not getting down on one knee." Moses joked as he pulled out the ring, a symbol for their journey so far.

"I'm so grateful to have met you Moses, I really truly am." They looked at each other like they were in love and maybe, just maybe, they were.

Viewers may have thought they would escape without anymore "shakazoo's", but I have news for you. Annie asked if she could take her dress off and Moses said, "Well not right now! Shakazoo."

And with that they (might have) lived happily ever after - we will find out for sure when the reunion special airs next week.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.