Mother horrified after daughter receives written warning about having acne at work

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Sunday, 17 June 2018, 2:40PM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

A 15-year-old schoolgirl was left 'devastated' when her coffee shop boss gave her a written warning for her acne.

Top-of-the-class pupil Emily McNamara thought her employer at Imposta Coffee in Accrington, Lancashire, was joking when she received a Facebook message about her skin.

The note from Elicha Scott warned her about "unacceptable marks" on her neck and said she would be sacked 'on the spot' if they were visible again, reports Daily Mail.

It also accused her of being hungover when she turned up to work one morning - even though she had spent the previous evening with her tee-total grandmother.

Emily, who was charged with washing up pots at the cafe, had been bullied over her acne at school and was heartbroken when she realised the message was genuine.

She had only worked for 10 hours in her new job when she says she received the shocking reprimand. It knocked her confidence and she decided to resign.

Mum Tracey Yates, 33, was horrified when her daughter showed her the cruel message.

She said: "I am gutted for her. When Emily got the message, she said this has to be a wind up.

"It was that shocking and the accusations were that ridiculous it didn't seem real. She's a hard worker. She's top of her class. She can't step a foot wrong."

But Ms Scott showed little sympathy for the teen, branding her 'pathetic' and insisting she did turn up at work hungover.

"It's just a bit silly to be honest. I only gave her a word of warning and they've posted it all over Facebook but I'd rather not be mentioned in it because it's pathetic.

"She was very hungover. But I'd rather not talk about it. This is an absolute joke. I'm trying to run a business."

She added: "I haven't made no one feel worse about anything and I'm sick of people trying to make me feel like I'm the bad guy.

"Emily's confidence has been knocked yet I've been publicly humiliated for doing a job."

Emily has had acne on her face, neck and back for more than two years and takes both cream and tablets to combat her pimples.

Her mother said it was "devastating for her" to have this pointed out by an adult employer on a social network rather than in person.

Referring to the claim her daughter was hungover one day, she said: "This is accusing me of handing my 15-year-old daughter into work under the influence of alcohol.

"Anybody would think that that would not be acceptable.

"I know the owners and if they thought my daughter turned up under the influence of alcohol why let her work, why say it later and why not contact me?"

Imposta Coffee and Elicha Scott have been approached for comment.

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