Mum gets slammed for her bizarre 'money saving' Christmas hack

One mother has shared her money saving hack for Christmas online - but other parents are not impressed!

Taking to Mumsnet, user Dec13girl revealed her plans to 'rewrap' birthday gifts for her daughter so she can open them on Christmas Day.

Posting under the website's 'Am I being Unreasonable' thread she said: "We threw dd [darling daughter] a 3rd birthday party for 15 kids and she got a lot of toys, some of which I put upstairs in the attic (because I wanted to bring her out a new toy each week).

"Now Christmas is coming up I'm going to rewrap some of the toys she opened for her birthday to give them to her for Christmas.

The mum's post was met with fierce criticism, with many users telling her she was "mean".

One user wrote: "Personally I think that's really mean."

While another said: "Unless you are really hard up - no, it’s mean."

A third asked: "Were these presents from other people? If so, then yes, it's mean.... I also would have thought a 3-year-old would remember having received at least some of them. If you're worried about present overload I would reduce my Christmas gifts or concentrate on other things rather than toys (books, experiences etc) but I wouldn't re-gift someone else's present."

"You took presents given to her by others, that is bad enough, but to drop feed them over 15 weeks and then decide to save yourself money and use them for Christmas. You sound like a right joy sucker! Give your dd [darling daughter] her presents," another snapped.

The mother then hit back at some of the comments and said: "It's not that I'm hard up, but I just can't stand the clutter! I'm trying to keep control of how many toys we have in the house. I guess it just seems economical to me!"

What do you think? Mean or clever?