Mum mortified after daughter takes x-rated item to school to use as hand sanitiser

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A Scottish mum has revealed how an innocent mix-up led to her 5-year-daughter taking her personal lubricant to school to use as hand sanitiser.

Louise Hosie from Livingston told the Scottish Sun she realised what had happened when she was washing her daughter Summer's school jacket.

Hosie said she won the lube, produced by popular UK adult brand Ann Summers, in an online promotion.

"Two days ago, I was washing Summer's school jacket and realised she'd actually been taking it to school," Hosie told the Sun.

"Because her name is Summer and the bottle had Ann Summers on it, I think she thought it was hers.

"Right away, I was mortified thinking what if the teachers had seen it. But I guess if they saw it they'd have taken it off her.

"I was laughing too, I found it really funny, but I was mortified at the same time."

Hosie told her daughter that the "hot and tingly" lube was "mummy's" and asked why she had taken it to school.

"She just said, 'I was sanitising my hands so I don't get the germs.' I asked if she'd sanitised her friends' hands and she said yes."

Hosie said she could see the funny side of the incident and planned on reminding her daughter of the story as she gets older.

"It will be funny for when she turns 18. I might put a picture on her birthday cake!" she told the Sun.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.