Mum shares GENIUS $10 trick for keeping your kid's toy cars tidy ...

A clever mum has come up with the ultimate hack to make sure you don't spend your day trying not to step on your child's toy cars all over the place.

Mum-of-two Kerry Whelpdale posted a video on YouTube showing how she used two magnetic strips to stick her child's toy car collection on to the wall, keeping them from making a mess on the floor.

"My little boy Jamie is obsessed with cars so as you can imagine (there are lots) hanging around the house," she said, in her YouTube tutorial.

"So I decided to make a car yard type thing with magnets so he can stick them up on the wall."

The mother's hack is not only easy but also very affordable, as the magnetic strips only set her back a little over $10.

She stuck them directly on to the wall and then trimmed and attached small squares to the bottom of her child's toy cars so they'd stick to the wall strip.

She says her son loves the new wall hanging set-up.

"He can see them really easily and he can pick them up and put them back on. You can't really go wrong."

According to the mum, he even "loves tidying his cars away himself".

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.