Mum's epic cleaning life hack transforms dirty toilet seat using unlikely common purchase

A mum has been applauded as a genius after she found a cleaning hack that turned a dirty brown toilet spotless using an unlikely product every household has.

Taking to social media, Jennifer posted a picture of her toilet which had discoloured yellowy-brown stains on the underside of the seat.

For most who do the cleaning at home, it's considered one of the hardest things to scrub clean with even multiple attempts.

Alongside a photo of her dirty toilet seat, she posted an after photo showing a spotless bright clean toilet, showcasing the eye-opening transformation.

After: the toilet seat looks brand new again after using charcoal toothpaste. Photo / Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Australia / Facebook
Photo / Facebook

Jennifer revealed tooth cleaner was what she use to make her toilet spotless, and in particular the White Glo Activated Charcoal Teeth Polishing Powder.

"Check out what activated charcoal can clean," she wrote on the Cleaning & Organising Inspiration Facebook group.

"Ran out creme cleaner to try (I tried everything), so I figured why not try my activated charcoal teeth cleaner."

Jennifer explained she put the teeth cleaner directly on a wet cloth and gently scrubbed the dirty areas.

She did warn it can stain if it's left on too long.

"I wouldn't leave it too long as it can stain, but will eventually come off," she said.

"It even removed hair dye stain off my toilet seat. Hot pink ... damn kids!"

Thousands responded to her hack, saying they've tried everything to remove the stains from the same place and haven't had any luck until now.

"Holy moley, you are a saviour! We just moved into a new rental and the toilet was like that. Now it's gone!" said one.

Another added: "Omg I have this exact toilet and stains! Nothing removes it!"

One keen mum added: "I need this in my life, the joys of boys that pee everywhere!"

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.