Mum's genius hack to stop her kids from spilling milk goes viral

There's no need to cry over spilt milk - especially if it's never spilt in the first place, right?

A UK mum has come up with a clever hack to let independent kids pour their own milk, without the risk of a mess.

Kate Anderson shared a picture on the Facebook page, Happy Mum Happy Child, where she used the lid from a tomato sauce bottle and fitted it to the top of a milk bottle to control the flow.

The flip-top lid stops the milk from going everywhere if your keen kid tips the heavy bottle a little too far.

Anderson said the sauce bottle top is the perfect fit and still keeps the milk fresh. The comments also note that a Wattie's tomato sauce lid works just as well.

Simply wash the sauce bottle cap well, screw it onto your milk bottle and you are good to go.

Other parents on the Facebook page loved the idea too.

Cassie-Anne noted: "Really good idea, my Bella is nearly 5 she puts her cup on the bench gets the kids stool and uses two hands to tip the milk in to cup. She does it step by step so she doesn't make a mess she is bloody clever."

Another mum named Vanessa added: "Oh yes I need this for Mila!! Spills the bloody milk all the time!!"

This article was the first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.