Netflix's 'Netflix and Chills' section has the best spooky movies and TV shows just in time for Halloween

Netflix and chill just got a whole lot spookier ...

If you weren't sure what to do this Halloween, or simply don't feel like leaving the house, Netflix has you covered!

The streaming service has a brand new section just for Halloween perfectly called "Netflix and Chills".

"Netflix and Chills" includes the streaming service’s scariest originals like Ritual, The Haunting of Hill House, 1922, Gerald’s Game, Rattlesnake, Fractured, Wounds, In the Tall Grass, Prey, Nightbooks, Intrusion, No One Gets Out Alive, Lucifer, Mightnight Mass, YOU and of course, the incredibly popular Squid Game - as well as plenty of other original spooky films!

If you wanted something a bit more nostalgic, Netflix also has a section full of all the best Halloween films, for the ideal spooky night in with friends.

You grab the popcorn. We’ll bring the blankets to hide behind.