'Never okay': Mum-to-be divides internet after a stranger's act

Should you ever touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking?

An expecting mother has taken to TikTok to share her recent shopping experience and the comment section is split in two.

Danielle Fraser (@theaveragewifeau) explained to viewers that during her time shopping in Bunnings an older woman - who Fraser believed to be in her sixties, placed her hand on Fraser's belly and asked how far along she was. Not impressed, the mum-to-be, "grabbed" the woman's hand and "pushed it off" her belly.

"I grabbed her hand, looked her in the eye, pushed it off and went 'I'm not pregnant' and then waddled away."

She continued to explain in the TikTok video "I'm like nine months pregnant ... but don't touch me."

The video has since been viewed more than 33,500 times and was flooded with comments from people both supporting and disagreeing with Fraser's actions.

One commenter said, "yep don't touch, what's wrong with people." While another said, "I don't understand why a complete stranger thinks it's okay to go up and touch someone's stomach?"

A third person commented, "Or the fact that it's never okay to assume or ask if someone is pregnant. Ever."

Despite the number of comments validating Fraser's reaction to lack of personal space other users were quick to defend the older woman, one person said, "that was a bit mean. Boundaries are real but she meant no harm."

Another person commented "this lady meant no harm and was probably excited for you having your baby; you didn't need to be rude or harsh to her. You need to chill!"

While another said, "Your delight in criticising the woman is really mean. Maybe she was wrong – would it have hurt to just explain your feelings."

Fraser later posted a follow-up video to her account, explaining that before Covid she "definitely would have beared" it but after Covid restrictions for the past two years she now "really likes" her personal space.

This article was originally published on the NZherald and has been republished here with permission with some edits.