New Zealand's Wattie's tomato sauce has been rated worst in new Australian poll

The results are in from the great Aussie tomato sauce debate - and it's not good for iconic Kiwi brand Wattie's.

Daily Mail Australia polled consumers to find out the nation's most loved tomato sauce brand. It also asked whether Aussie consumers stored the condiment in the fridge or cupboard.

Top of the sauces was Heinz Ketchup. The US brand was a clear winner, scoring 47 per cent, followed by Aussie brands Fountain and Rosella - both tied on 17 per cent.

Coming in the last spot was New-Zealand made brand Wattie's and MasterFoods, both polling in single-digits at 8 per cent.

An online poll attached to the Daily Mail Australia story reflected the wider consumer consensus - with Watties rating a lowly 4 per cent of the vote and Heinz a solid 37 per cent.

Masterfoods grabbed 20 per cent in the online poll, with Rosella and Fountain rating 23 per cent and 16 per cent respectively.

The results of the poll generated heated discussion across the Tasman.

"Rosella but has to be in the glass bottle," Belinda said.

"Heinz - loyal from day one - others too vinegary and cheap tasting," Amy said.

Laura said: "Rosella is my absolute go-to. It's true blue Australian and there's just something very satisfying about pouring a sweet tomato sauce out of a crisp glass bottle. Delicious every time."

"Heinz - all others are obsolete copycats who shouldn't be given cupboard space," Nicole said.

"HEINZ! Nothing even comes close to the original. Super balanced, good acidity – just perfect," Samuel said.

Daniel said: "Tomato sauce generally tastes the same but MasterFoods is a cut above the rest. Plus it's made in Australia."

"There is no debate around who makes the best tomato sauce because Fountain is such a clear winner. Consistency, dependability and usually on special, there is nothing better on a Bunnings snag," Tom said.

Ian said: "Heinz Ketchup - I prefer ketchup over tomato sauce because it isn't as sweet and I'm more partial to the vinegar flavour."

And Simon said: "I do consider myself a tomato sauce aficionado. So the best one is Fountain tomato sauce. Ma used to buy it and it stemmed from there."

The poll also prompted questions over the differences between tomato sauce and ketchup. MasterChef Australia judge Matt Preston weighed into the debate, saying tomato sauce was "more vinegary than ketchup".

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.