Obsessed with Wordle? Try this variation game that has you guessing four words at once!

Like everyone else around the world, you may have become completely obsessed with the addictive word game Wordle.

You only get 6 guesses to try and figure out the world of the day and while your average person may find that tricky enough, it seems there are some World fanatics out there who want a bigger challenge.

Introducing Quordle!

It’s the same style of game as Wordle, but instead of just trying to crack one puzzle, you have to complete four … simultaneously!

Thankfully, to give players a fighting chance Quordle - created by Freddie Meyer - gives you nine guesses to try to get all four of the words correct.

And there is also a practice page to help you wrap your head around the best way to solve this extra tricky word game.

This isn’t the first variation of the popular Wordle game either.

For those who love math, there is Nerdle, or travellers who miss airports there's Airportle. Even Taylor Swift and BTS fans have even created their own versions of the game!

Know someone who would want to give Quordle a try for themselves?