Opal hair dye is the hottest new trend — and it looks STUNNING!

Publish Date
Monday, 5 February 2018, 12:04PM

2018's new beauty trend is here...

And it's totally mesmerising!

Yep, Opal hair is the new trend to hit Instagram.

Not sure what Opal hair is? Think soft pastel hues of peach, pink, and lilac with hints of blue.

Hairstylist Mike Lowenstein created the gorgeous look with his wife and business partner Melody.

"We strongly believe softer, delicate colors will dominate 2018 hair trends," he said of his signature technique.

So how does Mike create the look?

First your hair will need to be bleached platinum blonde.

Next, they "cancel the undertones by applying a heavily diluted violet-based toner, then custom mix a variety of pastel direct dyes."

Pretty cool, right?

So say goodbye to balayage, and hello to Opal!