Over protective pet owner leaves ridiculously funny list for dog sitter

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Thursday, 13 July 2017, 11:08AM
Photo / Twitter

Photo / Twitter

Pets are important members of the family, and for some, their pooch is like their baby ... and leaving your baby with a sitter can be a tad nerve wracking. 

This proved true for one protective pet owner who left a hilarious list of instructions when she put her nephew Tommy Rivers in charge of to look after her dog, Pepper.

Photo / Twitter

"Pepper, the most Beautiful Girl in the world," Tommy's aunt wrote with a list of 'do's' and 'don'ts'.

Tommy posted the two-page list to Twitter, which included the request to "send a photo of Pepper every day" and to "Face Time with Pepper so I can talk to her."

The list also stated that Pepper should never be yelled at, and that Tommy needs to know where she is at all times.

Photo / Twitter

And "most importantly: Don't you hate her cause you ain't her!"

We're pretty sure Tommy must have followed all those rules because Pepper looks as happy as ever!