Pet owners are urgently being urged to throw away this $5 Kmart dog toy ...

Pet owners have been warned that a $5 toy sold at Kmart New Zealand and Australian stores could lead to their dog requiring surgery.

Two dogs have had emergency surgery to remove broken pieces of the toy from their stomachs in Brisbane, a vet warned in a Facebook post.

Wilson Vet in Brisbane contacted Kmart about the incidents and advised them to stop selling the $5 Two Handled Tug Pet Toy to avoid any further incidents.

However, they are now asking customers to throw the toy away.

Brisbane's Wilston Vet revealed that "last week two completely separate dogs (unrelated and unbeknown to each other) came in on consecutive days to a local emergency centre both with an obstructed gastrointestinal tract. (Vomiting, not eating and very sick)."

"Both required major abdominal surgery to remove the obstruction. In both cases, it was a $5 Kmart dog chew toy."

"Warn everyone out there. They are brittle, and somehow break, and dogs think it's a good idea to swallow them."

Even though the incidents happened in Australia, the dog toy is still available in some Kmart stores in New Zealand and online.

A Kmart spokesperson told the Herald that the safety of their customers and pets was its number one priority.

"We want all members of the family; including our furry friends, to have a safe and positive experience when using our products at home.

"This is why we encourage customers to carefully read through all product care labels, to ensure they are selecting toys that reflect their pet's size and play style.

"We urge anyone who has any concerns or enquiries, to please contact Kmart Customer Service on 1800 124 125."

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.