PHOTOS: Andrew from Married At First Sight has stripped down for a firefighter calendar!

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Tuesday, 28 February 2017, 11:21AM
Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

When there's drama left, right, and centre it's quite hard to avoid getting involved, but ex-firefighter Andrew has found himself in the midst of it for most of season four.

He was ditched by his first bride, but then found another woman... who didn't want to kiss him. It seems like he has an ability to track drama down.

Now he's back in the spotlight again, but this time it's for a different reason - it turns out he has posed for a firefighters calendar in the past!

The snap was uploaded by the 'Perth Firefighters Calendar' Facebook page and is using Andrew's new found fame to raise money for the firefighters.

They have raised $850,000 out of their million dollar target and are hoping to sell more calendars and reach the golden number.

If you want to buy one and support the Perth Firefighters, click here.