PHOTOS: KFC is Releasing an Amazing Beauty Product

KFC is now making its own line of nail polishes. But the best part? They're EDIBLE. They’re called ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ polishes and they actually taste like KFC chicken.

Surprisingly, the colours of these are actually quite nice! The Hot & Spicy polish is an on-trend orangey red, while Original Recipe is a classic nude.

To use, you simply brush on the colour, leave to dry, and then you are free to lick away.

Creative director John Koay said in a press release that the recipe for the edible polish is ‘unique’ and was ‘specifically designed to hold the flavour, but to also dry with a glossy coat similar to normal polish.’

Before you get too excited about this great new beauty product, we have to let you know that at the moment it’s just a PR campaign. KFC has actually made the polishes, but aren’t yet mass-producing them quite yet.

At the moment, KFC is sharing photos of the polishes and asking fans to vote for the flavour they’d most like to paint on their nails.

Whichever flavour wins will be mass-produced across Hong Kong – and, hopefully, sold around the world.