Pickle flavoured ice cream is about to hit New Zealand and we are intrigued

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

This may be one of the weirdest ice cream flavours we've heard of yet!

Kiwi ice cream makers, Duke Island have taken on the challenge of creating a limited edition McClure’s Pickle Ice Cream to celebrate International Pickle Day!

That’s right, pickle flavoured ice cream!

While we've never thought about combining ice-cream with pickles, we think the salt-sweet mix could be worth a try!

The new flavour is in collaboration with McClure’s Pickles as part of their week-long celebrations of International Pickle Day.

Other food outlets across Auckland are also joining in the fun, including Burger Burger adding a pickle shake to their menu, as well as Best Ugly BagelDr Rudi’s, and Sweat Shop!

So, who's in for a tub of pickle ice cream?

Pickle Week runs November 11-17, all across Auckland.