Pink tears up after her tour dancers send her a heartwarming dance video from lockdown

Photo / Getty

Photo / Getty

Know one knows the importance of self-isolation more than Pink.

In recent weeks she revealed that she and her young son, Jameson tested positive for Covid-19 and both have since recovered.

To give the singer a boost of happiness after going through such a hard and scary time, Pink's "tour family" of dancers got together through the magic of the internet to perform a special dance for the mother-of-two.

Sharing the sweet video she was sent on Instagram, Pink wrote: "My village!!!! This just made me cry crocodile tears."

"My tour fam just sent me this and it sent me over the edge," she added. "I miss y’all so much and we miss performing! So much love, so many good people in the world. So grateful."

The clip showed the dancers on Zoom to perform a very impressive dance to Pink's song Can We Pretend.

It may just even make you tear up too!