Popular '90s toy Tamagotchi are making a comeback with a new 2020 twist

Remember Tamagotchi’s? They were the little digital pets that were all the rage in the 90s.

Well, now they’re back and have upgraded for the kids of today!

Tamagotchi has released a whole new 2020 version of the virtual kids, and this time they’re in colour!

They’re called "Tamagotchi On Wonder Garden" and they, of course, come in the classic egg shape.

Not only will they have all the classic features – yes including cleaning up their virtual poop – but they have also had an epic upgrade that allows you to dress up your little baby at the dressmaker, and teach them all about your favourite books at the library!

You can also take your little one to eat at tiny cafes, travel into different worlds, and even get married!

It’s pretty much just like a real child … minus all the real responsibility.

Oh, and you can’t accidentally kill them like you could with the original 90s version. Now you have a new option to drop your baby off at daycare so it won’t just die of starvation if you can’t look after it for 12 hours!

However, it looks like these new Tamagotchi will set you back more than they did in the 90s, costing roughly $90 when they hit shelves in Augusts.

Better start saving up now, because this is a cute little toy that all the kids - and kids at heart - will want to get their hands on.