Prince Harry's sweet secret talent revealed: He's actually a really good singer!

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Prince Harry has a "really nice singing voice".

The 35-year-old royal impressed members of the Kingdom Choir with his "lovely tone" when he and now-wife Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, met the group ahead of their wedding - at which the gospel choir performed Stand By Me - in 2018.

Conductor Karen Gibson revealed: "Meeting them was lovely. They were like any other couple in love and really tuned into each other. They were lovely to us and just like ordinary people.

"Prince Harry has a really nice singing voice he's got a lovely tone. He loves music."

Proof of the Duke of Sussex's talents come from a video of him singing the opening lines of a song from the musical Hamilton, You'll Be Back.

While he doesn't sing for very long, what he does let out is wonderful!

Harry and Meghan's wedding choir had to rehearse extensively for their performance at the big day because the couple - who have 13-month-old son Archie together - requested a shift in tone to the way the group usually sing the song.

Karen explained to Britain's OK! magazine: "It was Harry and Meghan who wanted that song and they wanted it sung in a particular way.

"We usually sing it very lively with whistles and dancing, so the way we did it was a big change.

"We had to increase our rehearsals because Harry and Meghan wanted it very pared down."

Karen also revealed the idea for the group to sing at the wedding didn't come from the couple themselves, but from the groom's father.

She said: "The idea of a gospel choir didn't come from Meghan, apparently it came from Prince Charles, who I've been told loves gospel choirs."

The choir was already familiar to the royal family as they previously performed as part of Queen Elizabeth's Golden Jubilee celebrations.

Karen said: "We performed at the Queen's jubilee in 2002. I was more nervous then! I've met her a couple of times. She's a woman of great wit, I really like her dry sense of humour."

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