PSA: Today pineapple-lovers can get a FREE snack from Hell Pizza to celebrate International Pineapple Day

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

It's June 27th and you know what that means - Happy International Pineapple Day!

While the debate often rages over if pineapple belongs on pizza, today is definitely the day to embrace it.

Naturally, Dole is a big fan of the combo, so they've teamed up with Hell Pizza to get Kiwis their very own Greed pizza - topped with delicious ham, cheese, and of course, juicy pineapple - to celebrate Pineapple Day in style!

So for today - June 27th - only, any Hell Pizza order made with pineapple as a topping will also get a free side on the house! How good is that?!

Well, we definitely know what we're doing for dinner tonight!


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