Ritz have revealed the 'real' reason their crackers have jagged edges

This is definitely something we've never ever thought to do ... ever!

The classic Ritz cracker is a pantry staple in most homes, but now we finally know the reason why each cracker has a serrated edge. 

According to the cracker company, it's to cut the cheese! Obviously!

Ritz has revealed the little-known fact via its official Tik Tok account and naturally, viewers are losing their minds over it.

The video has made some serious waves on social, having been viewed more than 2.5 million times in less than a week. 

Nationally, viewers are shocked by their newfound knowledge, and many - us included - are actually questioning how legit it actually is!

"My life is a lie," commented one user amazed by the long-standing secret.

Check out the vid above, and let us know whether you think it's legit or just a joke!