SAFETY WARNING: Parents should be aware of the dangerous 'Momo Challenge'

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Friday, 1 March 2019, 11:16AM
The face of Momo. Photo / Supplied

The face of Momo. Photo / Supplied

Parents; a dangerous and worrying challenge is targeting children online.

The Momo challenge, which is spread through social media and YouTube, has been described as a "suicide game".

First reported in July last year, the "Momo" character - a scary gaunt doll's face with bulging eyes and an unnaturally thin and long smile - has been appearing in the middle of seemingly innocent videos of children's cartoon or computer game and threatens the viewer into contacting a number on WhatsApp.

Once the child has contacted "Momo", the shadowy figures behind the unknown number have been sending frightening images and violent messages promoting the children to do dangerous tasks without telling their parents.

Examples of dangerous tasks one UK school has noticed include asking the children to turn the gas on or to find and take tablets.

Numerous kids have been injured by the challenge, and sadly, some have died.

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A hair salon in the UK posted images on a parenting page of a 5-year-old girl who had cut her own hair and scalp, reportedly after watching a Momo video.

The hair salon urged parents and carers to be more vigilant online.

No one knows exactly where Momo originated, or who is behind the disturbing trend, though it was linked to at least seven phone numbers beginning with codes from Japan and multiple countries across South America.

For the safety of your own kids, talk to them about these challenges and please watch what they consume online.

We need to put an end to the Momo Challenge, immediately.



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