'Seven Sharp' host Hilary Barry hits back at haters following her chocolate fish vaccine incentive

Seven Sharp hosts Hilary Barry has been vocal on-air and on her social media encouraging Kiwis to get the Covid-19 vaccine - even offering to send chocolate fish to those who get the jab.

Many have applauded her, but the message hasn't gone down too well with some.

Barry shared screenshots of comments from angry anti-vaxxers telling her to "stop bribing people to get the death jab".

"Ever wondered why more high profile people don't put their hands up and declare themselves pro-vaccine?" she wrote on Twitter.

"Here's a snapshot from just the last hour. Can't be stuffed hiding their names anymore."

The comments she shared called her a "cow", "disgusting", and a "muppet" for encouraging her viewers to get the jab.

"You are a nutter, go away and hang your head in shame."

It's not the first time the broadcaster has dealt with abusive or unkind comments from people who disagree with her views on the Covid-19 vaccine.

It comes after she promised a sweet incentive for people who got their first jab last weekend - a chocolate fish.

"I can confirm what you heard on @SevenSharp is true. I will send every person who has their first Covid vaccine this weekend a chocolate fish. Send proof of vaccine and details to [email protected]," she posted on Twitter last week.

And this week Hilary kept her promise, sharing a video and photo on social media of her packing up the chocolate fish to be sent out to people who had gotten the jab.

"Me and a desk covered in hundreds of chocolate fish ready for distribution. Thanks to all of you who went and got vaccinated, your delivery will be with you soon. I’m just hoping I don’t eat too many myself!," she wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her holding a chocolate fish.

Aside from keeping everyone entertained, dressing up during lockdown Fridays and even reading books to others in lockdown, Barry has also been on a mission to help get Kiwis vaccinated and has been actively fighting misinformation and anti-vaccine sentiment in her social media platforms.

Earlier, Barry took an anti-vaxxer to task online over a Facebook comment on a Seven Sharp story about whether employers can require their staff to get the vaccine.

"Anti vaxxers, the gift that keeps on giving," she wrote on a social media post sharing a screengrab of an interaction with someone online.

"Soz Hillary you make me sick, can you do some proper journalisim or can you only read from the script that labour wrote [sic]," a woman had written in a Facebook comment.

"Covid's gonna make you sicker babes. So go get a vaccine," the TV host commented in reply.

This article was first published by the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.