'Seven Sharp's Hilary Barry stuns with most glamorous face mask ever for 'Formal Friday'

Photo / Instagram

Photo / Instagram

Hilary Barry has taken Formal Friday to a whole new level, donning a jewel-encrusted face mask.

The TV presenter shared the glamourous look on Instagram, complete with tiara and ball gown.

"Formalising my face-wear. #formalfriday #lockdowncountdown #wearamask," she wrote.

Earlier this month she announced the return of #FormalFriday on her social media accounts.

"Just like Covid #formalfriday is making a comeback!!" she wrote on Twitter.

"Even if you're not in the lockdown zone you can show your solidarity by slapping on your Sunday best and sharing a pic."

Barry launched the "Formal Friday" trend last lockdown, which went viral when she posted a photo of herself in a gown while working from home at the start of lockdown.

From then on, thousands of other New Zealanders responded every week with photos of their formal outfits on Fridays.

Across social media, New Zealanders thanked Barry for getting them out of their trackpants, and in particular applauded her decision to end her last Formal Friday with a gender non-binary look.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.