Six more Kiwi women hoping to woo Moses Mackay on 'The Bachelor NZ'

Could one of these Kiwi women be the one for New Zealand's new Bachelor?

Earlier this week it was announced that SOL3 Mio star Moses Mackay would be the one looking for love in TVNZ's all-new The Bachelor New Zealand.

Now the second group of ladies who will be vying for his heart has been unveiled! Check out the first group here.

Tune into The Bachelor NZ’s premiere on TVNZ 2 at 7.30pm on Tuesday, March 2. 

Lana Jayne Ennis

Occupation: Critical care nurse
Location: Queenstown
Star Sign: Capricorn
Age: 29

After 15 years abroad, Lana returned home just before the first cases of Covid-19 reached our shores. This critical care nurse has experienced true love in the past but hasn’t had anything close to a relationship in two years – only because she hasn’t found a man who can measure up to the level of emotional intelligence she needs. Will our bachelor be just the medicine Lana needs to commit to a forever love?

Freya Puharich

Occupation: Paediatric nurse
Location: Dargaville
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 26

Paediatric nurse Freyah spends most of her time caring for children and is looking for a partner who isn’t afraid of a little hard work themselves. After breaking off an earlier engagement, Freya has a clear idea of what she wants out of a relationship - it’s all about finding a driven, compassionate and respectful man who doesn’t take life too seriously. Does our bachelor have the bedside manner Freya needs from the man in her life?

Georgia Miller

Occupation: PE and Health Secondary Teacher
Location: Northland
Star Sign: Gemini
Age: 24

Georgia doesn’t like to take herself too seriously, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t serious about finding love! As a Gemini, Georgia needs someone who is a match for her spontaneous nature and wants to keep life fun and exciting. She describes her perfect man as familyorientated, funny, motivated and adventurous. Georgia is ready to take the plunge into this once-in-a-lifetime adventure, but is our bachelor ready to head back to a high school gym?

Cirrus Tan

Occupation: Personal Trainer
Location: Christchurch
Star Sign: Leo
Age: 28

National Climbing Champ Cirrus is ready to tackle her next adventure – The Bachelor! Having been rock climbing since she was 14, Cirrus leads a fit and healthy lifestyle through exercise. The Christchurch based personal trainer is hoping to meet her match in someone caring, a team-player, someone with a passion for the outdoors and hopefully a best friend!

Kate Porter

Occupation: Nurtritionist
Location: Auckland
Star Sign: Virgo
Age: 25

25-year-old Kate realised she was going through her quarter-life crisis and decided something needed to be done. A self-confessed hopeless romantic, Kate is ready to find the man of her dreams. That man is goal driven and ambitious, someone who will appreciate her sarcasm and sense of humour. With her professional life sorted, Kate’s hoping the bachelor is the one to turn hopeless into hope!

Chanel Lutton

Occupation: Production Finance Analyst
Location: Wellington
Star Sign: Aquarius
Age: 28

Having travelled around the world for some time, Chanel realised there is no place she’d rather be than New Zealand to settle down. The Wellingtonian hopes to meet a likeminded partner, and someone that is respectful, kind and family orientated. Lucky for Chanel, Moses ticks all these boxes. With a few long-term relationships in her dating history, the last five years of her dating life has been pretty non-existent, as Chanel usually gives up on guys before they even start dating! Let’s hope this isn’t the case for our bachelor, Moses.