Summer in a bottle! Pineapple cider now exists thanks to Kiwi company

Whether you think pineapple should be on pizza or not, there's one thing that is for certain - it should surely be turned into a cider.

One Kiwi company decided to do New Zealanders a solid and create pineapple cider, and people are going bonkers over it.

Thanks to Good George Brewing, we can now sip on a pineapple cider and pretend we are sitting on a beach in the sun (when really we're wrapped in a blanket watching Netflix).

The fruity brew is described as a juicy, sweet bright yellow drink, bursting with pineapple.

And to make you feel even better about counting this towards your daily fruit intake, this cider also has real fruit pulp- so keep it cold to keep it fresh.

Kiwis have expressed their love for Good George's creation, with many saying it's a dream come true.

"I could get behind this," one said.

Another added: "I don't usually like cider but this is a game-changer!"

The Good George pineapple cider is only a small batch, so you can buy yours here, or in the Good George outlets listed below:

  • Good George Dining Hall, Frankton
  • Good Neighbour, Rototuna
  • Good Union, Cambridge
  • Good George Taproom, Mission Bay
  • Good George North Wharf, Auckland
  • Good Local, Pyes Pa
  • Good Merchant, Matamata