Ten of the easiest Secret Santa gift ideas less than $20 that everyone will love

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Let’s be honest, Secret Santa’s can be kind of tricky, especially if you have the misfortune of drawing the name of someone in the office you don’t know all that well.

And to make things even harder, there’s often a budget you need to stick to.

But never fear, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Secret Santa ideas for $20 or less:

GrabOne voucher

You’ll only be spending $20 but you could end up getting your Secret Santa something worth so much more! GrabOne has all kinds of great things from restaurant vouchers to amazing experiences and products. Just have a hunt around on their website and you never know what you’ll find.

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Artificial plant

Artificial plants have only grown in popularity in recent years, and are the perfect Secret Santa gift for someone to keep on their desk or decorate a bookcase at home. Plus, they don’t die, so it comes with zero pressure.

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Trinket plate 

Trinket plates are all the rage right now, and they’re not just for jewellery. They can be a handy place to keep keys, coins or other knick-knacks.

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POP Vinyl

Have a little whisper to the friends of your Secret Santa giftie and see what TV shows or movies they like, then celebrate it with one of their favourite pop culture characters, which they can either take home or enjoy on their desk at work.

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Victoria’s Secret Fragrance

Ladies love to smell good and the Victoria’s Secret Fragrance have several scrumptious scents that will make anyone’s day. You can find them for under $20 at The Warehouse.

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Something personalised

Get your Secret Santa something really unique by making them a personalised puzzle or mug. All you need is a image of something you think they’ll love and away you go!

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Board games

Who doesn't love cracking out a good old board game? There are so many options from cute classic card games, to something a bit more left of centre. And for the right person, you could even get a drinking game that'll they'll definitely want to use at their summer parties.

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Cosmetics Case

Cases, whether for pencils or makeup are always handy and they can come in all kinds of colours and designs. And if you find you’ve got a little cash left over you could always fill it up with wrapped chocolates or lollies to make it an extra surprise.

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Bath bombs

Bath bombs and fizzers are super cute and come in a wide variety that anyone will love. They send the message that your Secret Santa deserves to relax and unwind this Christmas.

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Beach Cricket Set

With Christmas comes sunshine, backyard BBQs and beach trips. Why not make summer more fun with a little mini cricket set?

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Bonus Secret Santa: Chocolates and Booze

And if worse comes to worse, you can always go with a trusty bottle of something delicious or a box of yummy chocolates - because who doesn’t enjoy a little treat every so often? You could even make your gift Christmas-themed with Cadbury's new range of marshmallow Santas, Snow Bites and other cute holiday treats available from your local supermarket. Yum!

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