Terri Irwin shares sweet tribute to Steve as their son Robert hits new teenage milestone

Terri Irwin has shared a sweet tribute to her late husband Steve Irwin as their son reaches a new teenage milestone.

Robert Irwin - who looks just like his Crocodile Hunter father - has not only just received his learner's drivers license, but he's driving Steve's old car.

Taking to Twitter, Terri wrote: "Remembering how much Robert loved being with Steve, parked at home pretending to drive.

"I know Steve would be incredibly proud, now that Robert has his L plates, and is driving Steve’s old ute."

Along with the tribute, Terri shared a lovely throwback photo of a Robert when he was a child, on Steve's lap inside the ute.

Next to it she also shared a photo of Robert now 16 years old leaning against the same white ute.

How sweet is that? Terri is right, Steve would be so proud of his son.

This isn't the first time Robert has been seen following in his father's footsteps. 

In July last year, Robert shared a picture of he and the Australian zookeeper - who passed away at the age of 44 in 2006 - feeding the same crocodile 15 years apart.

Robert captioned the Instagram post: "Dad and me feeding Murray... same place, same croc - two photos 15 years apart.”