'The Bachelorette NZ' star Lily McManus announces split from Richie Boyens

They found love on The Bachelorette last year - but now Kiwi reality stars Lily McManus and Richie Boyens have broken up.

McManus took to Instagram to announce the news this afternoon, sharing details of the split on her Instagram story.

"Hey friends, I just wanted to keep you in the loop, I know some people appreciate and seek closure with these kinds of things and I respect that," she wrote.

"Myself and Rich have gone our separate ways. There's no bad blood. If anything there's still a lot of love but if you have found yourself in this particular spot before you'd know that love doesn't always equal a well functioning and progressive relationship.

"These last two years have been rough on everybody and for better or worse it's forced us to stop and smell our own s***. I have s***, Rich has s***. We both need some time to heal our own s*** so we don't project it on to each other."

Photo / Instagram

McManus said the pair would continue as friends "when we both deem it healthy to do so".

"Until then, if you feel the need to project any negative emotions about it, please punch some dry wall or something. I am very fragile right now and cry over everything and it's dehydrating me. Love and appreciate all of you even though we're all just strangers that bond over my s*** content, I really do appreciate the support. Look after yourselves."

The couple met on the 2020 season of The Bachelorette NZ, which starred joint bachelorettes McManus and Lesina Nakhid-Schuster.

Since the reality show ended, McManus and Boyens have shared snippets of their loved-up life on Instagram, posting about their adventures. In July last year, the pair announced that they were taking their relationship to the next level and moving to Wanaka together.

In May 2020, the couple told the Herald about their experience living together during lockdown and how they've adjusted to life after reality TV stardom.

"We've been isolating in a one-room shed for six weeks, and the lack of personal space has been hard," McManus said.

"We're really open about our feelings, and compared to talking about your feelings on camera to the entire nation, it's been a walk in the park."

When contacted by the Herald, McManus' agent said she did not want to comment further.

This article was first published on the NZ Herald and is republished here with permission.